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Summer 2024 service trip:
construction & renovation in laos


In June of 2024, nine Nordhoff L.I.V.E. students will be traveling to Luang Prabang, Laos, where we will lend our support to ongoing community renovations efforts. This project is organized and run by local community members, who identify the needs of the community and will place our team where we can be the most helpful to the community. Ongoing construction projects are focused on beautification, home-building, school and clinic renovation, as well as building playground and bathroom facilities. Although we will not know our specific project until closer to our travel date, our group may be laying brick, doing carpentry, painting, laying tile, and landscaping or gardening, depending on the needs of the community group overseeing the project.

Although we will be providing manual labor for the project, we will also be working alongside the local community members who are organizing and overseeing the project. We will be learning not only about this project, but also about the local culture, providing us with insight and understanding about cultures, religions, and ways of life different from their own.  In addition, the students’ stay in Luang Prabang will support the local economy, as students will stay in a local guesthouse and patronize the local businesses.  

After a week of service in Luang Prabang, we will spend three days trekking with a local guide to remote villages in the nearby mountains that are home to Hmong and Khmu tribes, both of which are minority groups in Laos. We will learn about their cultures and traditions, as well as learning about the status of their people in Laos today. We will spend two nights in homestays in these villages. Along the way, we will also visit an elephant sanctuary and learn about ongoing efforts to protect these animals.
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