Winter 2022 Service Trip: 
clean water & housing development in the dominican republic

First scheduled for summer 2020, L.I.V.E.'s planned Dominican Republic service trip was put on hold throughout 2020 and 2021. However, we are so excited to be back on track and be able to resume our plans in 2022!

In February 2022, L.I.V.E. will send a team of Nordhoff students to the Dominican Republic, where we will first spend time in a rural mountain village in the Cordillera Central. There, the team will take part in the ongoing clean water and aqueduct projects that aim to bring clean drinking water to these rural communities. Students will dig ditches and fit the plumbing for these pipelines, while also learning about the bio-treatment systems project the runoff water from polluting downstream.
From there, the group will travel southeast to the marginalized agricultural communities built for sugarcane workers. In this community, students will contribute to ongoing housing development efforts in the community, while working with the local families and children in health initiative projects. 
Here, students will be working through the ongoing efforts of the Rustic Pathways Foundation, which has been working with the Monte Coca Neighborhood Association to target community needs and goals. Between 2014 and 2018, twelve new houses were built and the foundation is on track to build 25 more over the coming years. 

Thank you to the Sponsors Who made
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