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2018 service trip: 

Indigenous immersion and service in Costa rica

In July of 2018,  L.I.V.E. club members spent a week in Costa Rica. While there, we stayed in the indigenous Bribri village of Yorkin, which is located on the borders of Costa Rica and Panama. In Yorkin, we stayed with a Bribri host family and worked alongside the community's water board on their ongoing clean water projects. L.I.V.E. club was able to work to dig trenches and install pipelines in order to bring clean, potable water to two homes in the village and the local medical clinic. Through the community's efforts and partnership with Rustic Pathways (which brings volunteers to the village) over the past three years, almost every home in the village now has access to clean running water.  
While there, we also learned about Bribri culture, the problems facing the indigenous culture, and the actions the village is taking to combat these issues. L.I.V.E. members learned about the the cacao trade and took part in the process of chocolate production, learned about traditional medicinal plants and practices, and learned to produce juices from raw sugarcane. 
"My experience in Costa Rica was amazing to say the least. All of the hard work put in during the school year has paid off. It was my first time out of the country and I am stoked to continue traveling the rest of the world as well as paying some more visits to Costa Rica. I did so many things for the first time and have made so many memories and now have great stories to share. I can now say I have a new family in the jungle. The Bribri people have touched my heart."
Isabella Gomez, Class of 2019


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