2019-2020 Senior leaders

President: Arley Sakai

“Being a member of LIVE has shown me that if I press through the obstacles and commit myself to something I care about with people I love and respect, the rewards will be boundless.”

President: christina sharpe

“My experience in LIVE has taught me independence and made me feel more empowered than ever before. It has sparked a new curiosity and appreciation of other cultures."

outreach vp: CLarissa perez

“Traveling with L.I.V.E. club has helped me become more aware of the day-to-day lives of myself and others. This trip also taught me to appreciate what I have, what I have gained - whether it be new friends or new knowledge - and just how to be more immersed in how I spend my time.”

membership vp: Faith Green-Roy

"Going into this club, I thought of everything in a “this is what we have and they don’t” sort of way, but I realize now that there is so much that others have that we don’t. A lot of Thai culture was so selfless and I look forward to seeing what other positive experiences and mindsets I will gain as I travel to more and more communities.”

2019-2020 travel team

Top Row: Emily Ehrlich (2022), Christina Sharpe (2020),

Arley Sakai (2020), Sean Reed (2022), Alexander Manning (2022),

Racheal Fransen (2022)

Bottom Row: Clarissa Perez (2020), Faith Green-Roy (2020), Natalie Perez (2021) Alessandra Luchessi (2022)

 Past L.i.V.E. Teams 

2018-2019: Thailand team

Arley Sakai (2020)

Faith Green-Roy (2020)

Isabella Gomez (2019)

Lexi Stone (2019)

Christina Sharpe (2020)

Lesly Bernabe (2019)

Emily Ehrlich (2022)

Mayra Murillo (2019)

Clarissa Perez (2020)

2017-2018: Costa Rica team

Isabella Gomez (2019)

Raya Whittington (2019)

Lexi Stone (2019)

Abigail Vanderwyk (2020)

Madison Parnell (2019)

Mayra Murillo (2019)

Riley Leis (2020)