alumni reflections


 Arley Sakai

Class of 2020

“Being a member of LIVE has shown me that if I press through the obstacles and commit myself to something I care about with people I love and respect, the rewards will be boundless.”


christina sharpe

class of 2020

“My experience in LIVE has taught me independence and made me feel more empowered than ever before. It has sparked a new curiosity and appreciation of other cultures."


Isabella Gomez

Class of 2019

“LIVE Club has molded my dreams of travel and made my ambitions stronger. I am more confident and happy to know that seeing the world is not only for the rich. It has taught me to open up more and keep my eyes curious."


Lexi stone

Class of 2019

“This club is an amazing opportunity to grow into a better person. Not only do we get to travel, but we also get to emerge ourselves into different cultures and learn new things about ourselves."